Bentong is a town as well as a district within the state of Pahang. The area of this district is 1831 square kilometers. It is located 80km northeast of Kuala Lumpur and is opposite of the Titiwangsa Range. This district borders the State of Selangor to the west and Negeri Sembilan to the south.

According to old stories, Bentong was formerly known as Kapong. During that time, Bentong was centered around the market area at the confluence of the Repas and Perting River. It started to become the focal point of attention when tin was discovered in both rivers. Tin miners had built a ridge known as Ban for the mining of ore to get more profitable outputs. This event had become the talk of the town for outsider which had named this as Ban Untung (Profitable Ridge). The word Ban Untung was to be more famously known by the people compared to Kapong. Over time the word Ban Untung had turned into Bentong.

The district of Bentong is under the administration of Bentong Municipal Council, and is divided into three mukim (sub-districts) which are Mukim Bentong, Mukim Sabai and Mukim Pelangai. Besides Bentong town, there are several other towns which have become attractions to residents such as in Karak, Bukit Tinggi, Simpang Telemong and Pelangai.

Bentong town acts as the administrative and industrial centres of Bentong district. Many light and medium sized industries are to be found within this district such as sawmills, food manufacturing and electrical components collection factory. Increase in urban development had enlightened the Bentong Municipal Council towards preparing with the needs and challenges of the future in efforts at transforming Bentong Town into a developed, prosperous and tranquil urban area..