Bentong Municipal Council is always committed to provide the best service to the public. Among major services provided are:-

Public Complaints

  1. Manage all complaints submitted by the public.
  2. Provide feedback and prepare complaint reports.

Development Planning

  1. Manage the preparation of the Council's physical advancement and development plans.
  2. Carry out the approvals of planning permission and zoning plan.
  3. Carry out the business of acknowledging pre-comp plans.
  4. Carry out the approvals of park names, building number plans and street names.
  5. Carry out the gazetting open public land.
  6. Carry out the approvals of landscape plans.
  7. Carry out landscape maintenance in the Council's area.
  8. Manage complaints regarding landscape.


  1. Implement development projects planned according to allocations approved by the Council, State and Federal Government.
  2. Inspect each project implemented until completion.
  3. Monitor site maintenance and preparation works.
  4. Review and approve the specifications of works to be implemented.
  5. Ensure that electrical works are carried out properly and according to stated specifications.
  6. Process applications for streetlights from developers.
  7. Monitor traffic light breakdowns and installations in the Council's area.
  8. Carry out repairs and be responsible for every electrical breakdown involving the Council's properties.

Community and Municipal Services

  1. Issue entertainment, business, advertisement, petty traders and stall licences.
  2. Issue temporary, seasonal sales, sidewalk and banner permits.
  3. Process applications for new licences, cancellations and appeals.
  4. Carry out garbage collection, cleaning of drainages and public areas, mowing of grass, monitoring of contractors and managing of complaints on cleanliness.
  5. Issue health cards and food handlers' cards.
  6. Carry out premise grading exercise.
  7. Carry out vector control activities.
  8. Carry out checks on the cleanliness of public toilets and licensed premises.

Property Valuation and Management

  1. Carry out valuation exercise on public, state and federal government's properties.
  2. Carry out valuations on building additions.
  3. Manage property rent rates.
  4. Manage tax claims, adjustments of tax accounts, tax refunds, confiscation of movable properties and tax complaints.
  5. Manage the leasing of car parks.
  6. Manage offers, claims and termination of leases.
  7. Manage claims of water usage, electricity for street lights and buildings, and sewerage charges.

Building Control

  1. Process applications for the approval of building plans for houses as well as residential, commercial, industrial and telecommunication projects.
  2. Process applications for the approval of building plans for building additions and renovations.
  3. Process applications for the approval of building plans for temporary building permits.
  4. Process applications for the approval of building plans for extension of approval validation period.
  5. Process Certificate of Completion and Compliance (CCC).

Law and Enforcement

  1. Formulate laws and regulations to ensure that activities are carried out within the guidelines and jurisdictions of the Council.
  2. Take legal actions to ensure that activities carried out in the Council's area are in accordance with the Council's regulations and law.
  3. Carry out construction enforcement activities.
  4. Carry out business trade licence enforcement activities.
  5. Carry out advertisement and entertainment enforcement activities.
  6. Carry out obstructions, disturbances and car park enforcement activities.